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Opening Day in Little Rock

Posted on Friday, September 29th, 2006.

booth & building

The booth sat under the clear blue Arkansas sky the morning of opening day. The curved facade of the Cox Center is a remnant of the days when the building served as a warehouse for Thomas Cox & Sons Machinery Co. The railroad tracks ran right past where the booth sits now.

laurie & son

KUAR’s Laurie Pierce brought in her 11 year old son, James Richard IV to find out how he’s adjusting to his first year of Junior High. When asked about teasing his younger brother, James mentioned that he usually gives him “noogies and wedgies – you know, the classics.”


93 year old Lucile Shivley came in with her friend Patrick Watson to talk about her late husband, Charles. During the interview, Patrick discovered that Lucile has always wanted ride a motorcycle, but has never had the chance. He confided to us that he plans to set up a ride for Lucile’s 94th birthday on Oct 21. Vroom Vroom!


Before we said our goodbyes, Lucile confessed that “I think if I had a choice between talking and eating I ‘d chose talking… That is until I got hungry.” Now that’s what we like to hear.

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