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Opening Day in KC

Posted on Friday, September 1st, 2006.

It was a quiet, sunny morning in historic City Market before opening day in Kansas City. City Market Square has been a site for horse trading, political rallies, revival meetings, medicine shows and circuses since 1856. And now the StoryCorps booth has joined the ranks of such oddities where it is nestled among a variety of restaurants, shops, the famous Arabia Steamboat Museum, and a bustling farmers market.

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Host station KCUR did a terrific job of getting the word out for StoryCorps’ arrival – by mid morning, City Market was buzzing with excitement for our first interview.


Our first participants shared some thoughts with reporters outside before they headed into the booth. Nazir told his daughter, Samara, about his life as a young boy living in India, then escaping to a war-torn Yemen. Nazir described the day he finally arrived in the United States as the happiest day of his life.


Getting ready for our second interview, facilitator Ryan Murdock helped long time radio personality, Walt Bodine, and his son Tom, get comfortable to the cozy confines of the MobileBooth. Walt shared many funny stories from his 50+ years as a radio personality, including the time when a fellow announcer fell asleep in the middle of a morning broadcast.


KCUR Music Director and host of Sonic Spectrum, Rob Moore, spun some tunes as our successful first day came to a close. A perfect end to a great day set the tone for an exciting stay in Kansas City.

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