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Opening Day in Garden City

Posted on Friday, August 4th, 2006.

storyteller plate.1We knew Garden City was a good choice when we saw this car parked next to us. Let’s hope there’s more than one storyteller in Kansas.

kathy sexson.1

Several members of High Plains Public Radio (pictured right) came out to support us on opening day. The MobileBooth is parked in Finnup Park, right outside the zoo.


Unfortunately, no animals are allowed at StoryCorps, which really upset our neighbor the camel (pictured below), seen here hanging his head in shame and sorrow.

Instead, our first interview of the day was Clifford and Delores Hope (pictured below), long-time Garden City residents whose son Quentin was one of the founders of High Plains Public Radio. This same picture appeared on page A3 of the local newspaper, the Garden City Telegram, with an article about StoryCorps.


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