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Opening Day in Copper City

Posted on Thursday, July 5th, 2007.

In Butte we’ve parked ourselves outside of a beautiful old theater. Originally built as a Masonic temple in 1923, the reconstructed theatre was named The Mother Lode to reflect Butte’s mining heritage as the "Richest Hill on Earth."


Here’s a view of the interior of the Mother Lode Theater. Notice the lovely chandeliers, the rich velvet trim, and the StoryCorps opening reception in progress. Michael Marsolek from Montana Public Broadcasting gave a few words to let folks know about the project. Also, Butte pasties were served.


Facilitator Mitra Bonshahi and MTPR’s Michael Marsolek catch the brunt of the media crush.


The opening of the project was front page news in The Montana Standard.


George Everett was brought to the booth by his wife Barbara Miller, who thought it was time to turn the tables on George. As a historian of Butte, he’s constantly asking folks questions about it, and now had to answer a few himself. As you can see, the answers were satisfactory. Welcome to the StoryCorps MobileKissingBooth West.

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