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One if by land, two if by sea

Posted on Wednesday, May 9th, 2007.

StoryCorps is coming! StoryCorps is coming! To Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. MobileBooth East was the first StoryBooth ever to ride a boat. Above, the booth is loaded onto the Martha’s Vineyard Ferry, which departs from Woods Hole, Massachusetts and takes 45 minutes to cross Vineyard Sound.

Hoping for some company on the island, facilitator Sarah Geis kept lookout for signs of a new co-facilitator at sea. Thar she blows!

Look what the tide brought in! Facilitator Elaine Davenport sailed over from Newark, New Jersey, where she was stationed with the GriotBooth. She’ll be assisting Sarah in eating fried clams, taking long walks on the beach, and of course, facilitating StoryCorps interviews.

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