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One Hot Day In September

Posted on Friday, September 14th, 2007.

In the presence of friend and fellow artist Pamela Hirst (right), Terry Alvarez (left) blessed MobileBooth West with her captivating song. Her voice and lyrics harnessed much of the beauty of the land surrounding Las Cruces, and the magic that seems to keep people here for generations. To preface her song, “Hot Day in July,” she said, “Well, I started out wanting to write a love song one day, and as you know if you write, it doesn’t always take you where you want to go. So it ended up being a song about Las Cruces…When I moved to Las Cruces in 1955, and for at least 20 years after, it rained at least half the days in July. The clouds would come over the Organ Mountains, and it would rain…So I started writing…and I just thought of the beauty of those mountains and the eternalness of the mountains….”

Above, photographs of Dripping Springs Recreation Area at the foothills of the Organ Mountains, through the lenses of facilitators Rachel Falcone and Hilary Marshall. Below, “Hot Day In July”, as sung by Terry Alvarez.

hot day in July
and clouds on the mountaintop

roll down to the valley
and lay down their tears

red hawk flying high

up over the mountaintop
he’s been on his journey

for thousands of years

look there in the valley where the sun is breaking through
there the spirits of the old ones danced and played

and up there on the cliff by the Cueva and the red rock

lonely cowboys rode their horses through the day

and far over yonder, silver river winding wide

we dreamed our dreams and plans one yesterday

hot night in July and clouds on the mountaintop
they’re gone by the morning, just drifted away
my memories roll by

like clouds on the mountaintop
like light on the hillsides
red fading to gray

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  • I was looking for Las Cruces stories and ran across yours. My grand parents ran the white Dot Cafe on West Picacho. until it closed then my grand father drove a school bus and my grandmother cooked at the hospital. Thanks for the memory,

    Comment from Miles Minson on May 21, 2008 at 4:04 pm - Reply to this Comment

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