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“Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn”

Posted on Friday, August 29th, 2008.

Mayuran Tiruchelvam and RJ Maccani, co-founders of Regeneracion Childcare NYC, came to StoryCorps to document in their own voices why they provide childcare for low-income folks of color who are active in movements for social change in their communities. Their passion for this work is infectious. These are young people who should, by the standards of the day, be totally absorbed in their individual pleasures. Instead, they have committed themselves to the care and development of children.

The four co-founders – Ileana, Radhika, Mayuran, and RJ – recognized a need, and answered the call.

In their own words:

“Kids are in a constant process of transformation. We promote a childcare process that respects the autonomy, growth, safety and health of children. We reach out and make ourselves accessible to kids and families, listening and acting with humility and patience.”

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