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On Location at the Institute On Aging

Posted on Friday, January 16th, 2009.

Jim and Constance

This week the StoryCorps San Francisco staff went out for our first Door-to-Door recording as part of the Memory Loss Initiative at the Institute On Aging, a senior day center in San Francisco. Our hostess, Tracy McCloud, was incredible – moving between multiple conversations and responsibilities with so much grace, competence, and kindness. She participated as an interviewer in one of our interviews and even treated us to a few dance steps when she led Jim, one of our participants, into the temporary recording studio we set up for the day. Jim and Tracy recently won the 1st Annual Dancing Contest at the IOA.

I was really struck by the loving relationships that have developed at the Institute On Aging. I facilitated an interview between Ishmael Jihan and his friend and social worker, Abby, about his experiences as part of the Black Panthers and his thoughts on the political scene in the United States with President Obama’s inauguration coming up. He kept thanking Abby during the interview, saying how glad he was that she was listening and that he didn’t often talk about these thoughts and experiences with anyone anymore. It was a pleasure for me to have the opportunity to celebrate the lives and stories of some of the people at the Institute On Aging.

Ishmael and Abby

Congratulations to the Institute On Aging and On Lok Lifeways for co-producing their recent six-part radio series, Aging Your Way, on our local partner station, KALW 91.7 FM.

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