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“Omaha, Somewhere in Middle America”

Posted on Friday, May 11th, 2007.

After fitting the booth into the Omaha skyline (can you see it amidst the tall buildings?), we prepared for opening day.

First, Jenna attempted to put up the booth’s awning while onlookers snickered at her ineptitude. Eventually, some friendly volunteers, along with StoryCorps Senior Coordinator Terry Scott, figured out how to assemble this confusing piece of equipment, and the booth finally had shade on this steamy Omaha day!

Then, Omaha’s Mayor Mike Fahey officially declared it “StoryCorps Day” in Omaha in front of the W. Dale Clark Library (aka the Omaha Public Library, a fantastic partner in our Omaha venture).

And, as usual, the kids loved the StoryCorps listening station.

Speaking of the wonderful public library, we would like to thank Facilities Specialist Mike Trifillis, who, when not assisting us in the improvement of our facilities, had the time and skill to take the top 3 photos in this very blog post.

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