The National Teachers Initiative featured the work of teachers striving to increase the number of students who graduate prepared for college and careers.

National Teachers Initiative Stories

Image of Antero Garcia and Roger Alvarez
Antero Garcia (R) talks to his former student Roger Alvarez (L) who dropped out during his senior year of high ...
Recorded in Culver City, California
Image of John Cruitt and Cecile Doyle
“At my mother's wake, someone said, 'Johnny, your teacher's here.'”
Image of Ken Rensink and Laurel Hill-Ward
“I should have died at age 19.”
Image of Tierra Jackson and John Horan
“As if high school is not hard enough...”
Image of Mikala Rahn, Carlos Cruz, Dominick Correy and Anthony Gonzales
“I worked harder than I have ever thought of working.”

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About the National Teachers Initiative

This 18-month Initiative celebrated the work of public school teachers across the country.

By recording, sharing, and preserving these stories, we called attention to the invaluable contributions teachers have made to this nation, honored those who have embraced the profession as their calling, encouraged teaching as a career choice, and helped to unify the country behind its teachers.

National Teachers Initiative Stats

  • 20,970

    Minutes of Audio Recorded for the National Teachers Initiative.

  • 1,413

    Teachers, Mentors & Students Shared their Stories.

  • 27,762+

    Miles Traveled to Record the Stories of Teachers & Students.

  • 687

    The Number of Interviews Recorded for this Initiative.

National Teachers Initiative News

StoryCorps Door-to-Door traveled to Missoula, Montana, to record stories for our National Teachers Initiative. We were hosted by the Graduation... Read more.

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