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Mr. James Powell

Posted on Sunday, January 14th, 2007.

James 2 Before he left us to our own devices, Terry Scott, our Moblie coordinator, introduced us to his friend Jocelyn Luckett and her uncle, James Powell. Last night James graciously welcomed the two of us into his home, showing us his collection of African American art, taking us through the history of his legendary Afro – Centric home (featured in Home and Garden magazine) and feeding us great West-African-inspired southern food. Over dinner, James and Alex were suprised to find out they had a few friends in common. Alex is orignally from South Carolina, and James has spent time in St. Helena, South Carolina, doing research on Gullah culture in the area. Some of his good friends from there, Emery and Emma Campbell, have known Alex since she was a little girl.

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