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Miss Teen GA Latina Visits StoryCorps

Posted on Tuesday, March 26th, 2013.

When Kimberly Sierra enters a room, her smile precedes her. The bubbly 18-year old came to StoryCorps Atlanta decked out in 6-inch heels, flowing brown hair, and a proud sash that read “Miss Teen GA Latina.” All that was missing was the crown.

As part of StoryCorps’s Historias Initiative, a project which aims to record, share and preserve the stories of Latinos in the United States, StoryCorps Atlanta is partnering with the Miss GA Latina Pageant. Kimberly came in with her friend, Karla Figueroa, to chat about the fascinating world of sashes and crowns.

“Let me tell you– pageants look so easy, but they’re not,” half-jokes Sierra before reflecting. “I can’t believe that I’m representing Latino Americans in the state of Georgia…I want girls to look at me and see that they can do it, too.”

Kimberly Sierra is Miss Teen GA Latina 2012-2013.

Kimberly Sierra is Miss Teen GA Latina 2012-2013.

In addition to representing her community through public speaking engagements and events, Kimberly is also battling the skin disease Vitiligo, which causes her to have white dots on her hands, arms, and hair.

“To be honest, it’s very hard for me, especially since [the Vitiligo] has gotten in my hair,” says Sierra. “It can cause my hair to become white.”

According to the Miss GA Latina Pageant director, Erika Mitchell, StoryCorps is giving the contestants like Kimberly a chance to practice telling their story. The contestants will have to communicate their personal narratives on stage or when speaking to a class of excited elementary school students.

“This is going to be a really great thing for our girls,” says Erika. “Their narratives are unique and important and worthy of being shared.”

You can listen to a portion of Kimberly’s story online here!


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