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Live free or die, the StoryCorps way

Posted on Thursday, July 5th, 2007.

Our opening day in Concord, New Hampshire was a huge success. We were visited by beloved former Republican governor Walter Peterson, and his friend of many years, Democratic senator Lou D’Allesandro, who were among the first to share their stories at our Concord location. The Bank of America, our local sponsor, hosted an ice-cream social, handing out generous scoops to grateful passers-by on a bright, hot day.

We think our little silver bullet looks beautiful in front of the gleaming New Hampshire State House, which, incidentally, is the oldest state house in which the legislature meets in its original chambers. New Hampshire residents take their role as predictors of presidential candidates very seriously. And those vying for the presidency are sure to make many stops in town to shake hands and kiss babies. The facilitators were promised that glimpses of the candidates were easy to spot, and sure enough, a couple hours after arriving in the city we caught sight of Barak Obama.

Those who make it their business to trail and question each candidate are dubbed “bird-doggers in New Hampshire, and we hope to get some bird-dogging stories while we’re here. That is, if Naomi, captivated by a peek at the senator, doesn’t become one herself.

The historical figures who help guard the booth include Daniel Webster (below, top), General Stark (below, middle), and Franklin Pierce (below, bottom.)

Pierce was the fourteenth president and the only one who hailed from New Hampshire (never mind the fictional president Bartlett from New Hampshire of the West Wing), and he’s a big deal around here. We look forward to the many bits of political wisdom we’ll gain and stories we’ll hear in this leafy, pleasant, granite state capitol.

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