Listener Survey

Please take two short minutes to answer these questions about your StoryCorps experience. This information will help us improve the experience for future participants.

By completing this survey, you will be entered into a raffle for a StoryCorps tote bag!

1. On average, how often do you listen to StoryCorps programming?
  1. Select only one:
2. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements?
  1. Because of StoryCorps, I have …
  2. Felt connected to others.
  3. Felt positive about society.
  4. Better understood experiences of people different from me.
  5. Reflected upon my own experiences/background.
  6. Felt that my own life and experiences matter.
  7. Better understood certain social issues, events, or policies.
3. Do you feel StoryCorps has increased your understanding of issues faced by any of the following groups?
  1. Select 'Not applicable' if you have not heard StoryCorps stories involving this population.
  2. African Americans
  3. Latinos
  4. Asian Americans
  5. Other racial/ethnic groups
  6. Immigrants
  7. LGBTQ individuals
  8. Military personnel and veterans
  9. People with disability or serious illness
4. Which of the following, if any, has listening to StoryCorps ever inspired you to do?
  1. Select all that apply:
5. Age
  1. Select one:
6. What best reflects your racial or ethnic background?
  1. Select all that apply:
7. Note of e-mail request
  1. We are requesting your contact information for a potential, and fully optional, follow-up survey. Unless requested by you in the box below, we will not contact you with any other material.
  2. (valid email required)

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