“I felt like you were this little angel on my shoulder wherever I was going.”

Scott Wall and his wife, Isabel Sobozinsky-Wall, got their love story down on tape–20 years before they came to StoryCorps.

It started on New Year’s Eve 1991. Isabel was living in San Francisco but decided to celebrate with some friends in New York City. That’s where she met Scott.

Scott and Isabel hit it off and started dating despite living on different coasts. They eased the distance with a novel type of love letter–the couple would record their everyday lives on cassette tapes and mail the recordings back and forth.

Within a year, Scott moved to California to live with Isabel. At StoryCorps, they sat down to remember how it all began.

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Produced by Jasmyn Belcher with special thanks to Nathan Dalton at The Kitchen Sisters
Facilitated by Sophia Simon-Ortiz
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