Lashay Murdock (resized)
“I would like to tell you about my favorite place on earth.”
From Lashay Murdock Corliss High School

Hi, my name is Lashay Murdock and I would like to tell you about my favorite place on earth. As a child it was one place on earth that I loved to be. In that place I always felt safe and loved. I felt protected as if I was surrounded by angels that God sent for me only. In my favorite place I am always full. In my favorite place, I never work for anything. In my favorite place all my wants and needs are taken care of. In my favorite place I’m always surrounded by family.

As a child, when every one of my family members woke up and the adults were asleep we always used to play a guessing game. Sometimes we would get so excited that we would get loud and wake the adults. Sometimes the adults would be angry and make us lie back down and go to sleep or watch TV quietly. It’s always a bunch of people in my favorite place. When we stay over night, it will be about 5 people lying in one bed, 3 on the couch and 1 in the chair plus more. I love my favorite place. At nighttime, after I ate dinner and played outside with the rest of my siblings, my friends would go to the boat. So my auntie would let me and my siblings go outside again on the porch with her while she smoked cigarettes. Then we would have to go back into the house. Then, when my mother and daddy would arrive, me and my brother and sister would act asleep so we could stay overnight.

I never ever liked to leave my favorite place. Every time my mother tried to make me go home, I would get up, put on my things and cry in the hallway on the stairs and my grandmother would beg my mother to let me stay. My favorite place on earth is my grandmother’s house. There is not a place better than my grandmother’s house.

Interview conducted in Chicago, IL.


scu_gatewaystem150x175 “I was kind of getting scared…what if my potential is not as high as theirs?”
scu_gatewaystem150x175 “…you never know how it feels getting back up if you never fall down.”
scu_gatewaystem150x175 “I never wanted this to happen.”
scu_gatewaystem150x175 “… a whole lot of people in St. Louis haven't been to the Arch.”
scu_gatewaystem150x175 “… after that I felt worthless, and like a coward.”
scu_gatewaystem150x175 “Some teenagers my age are not like me for one big and important reason…”
scu_gatewaystem150x175 “…it’s not all ice cream and cake.”
scu_gatewaystem150x175 “They just have to accept me for who I am.”
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