“We were prepared for people to be unhappy, but we couldn't believe our eyes.”

In 1992, Los Angeles police officers were charged — then acquitted — of assaulting Rodney King.

The news sparked riots in the city, and no neighborhood was hit harder than South Central LA.

KJLH was an urban R&B station located on Crenshaw Boulevard, at the heart of the riots.

Karen Slade, the general manager, Eric “Rico” Reed, a DJ, and Arthur “Sonny” Williams, KJLH’s driver, remember what happened during those days.

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Recorded in Los Angeles, California

KJLH won a Peabody for their coverage of the riots. For more information,
click here.

For more on KJLH and its coverage of the riots, read KJLH-FM and the Los Angeles Riots of 1992 by Dr. Phylis Johnson.

To see the video that led to the assault charges against the LAPD, click here. WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES

Produced by Nadia Reiman
Facilitated by Kevin Oliver. Special thanks to Dr. Phylis Johnson
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