“But now all the mornings I tell him, 'Good morning.'”
From Jose Gil High School for Arts and Business

Hi, my name is Jose Gil and I go to the High School for Arts and Business. All the mornings when I wake up at 7:40 A.M. sometimes I feel like sleeping more and sleeping more. But I have to go to school. I do all of the things that I have to do and at the end when I’m leaving at 8:10am I tell my mom goodbye. I take the R or the M train to 67th Ave or the E or the F to Forest Hills. And then I take the R or M one stop back. Then I walk from there all the way to school hearing music because I like to walk. When I get to 62nd Ave I see a man helping people cross the street. The first time he helped me I told him, “Thanks.” But now all the mornings I tell him, “Good morning.” Finally, when I get to school sometimes between 8:45 am and 8:55 A.M., I tell Ms. Brown and Ms. Jarvis, “Good morning.”

Interview conducted in Queens, NY.


scu_gatewaystem150x175 “I was kind of getting scared…what if my potential is not as high as theirs?”
scu_gatewaystem150x175 “…you never know how it feels getting back up if you never fall down.”
scu_gatewaystem150x175 “I never wanted this to happen.”
scu_gatewaystem150x175 “… a whole lot of people in St. Louis haven't been to the Arch.”
scu_gatewaystem150x175 “… after that I felt worthless, and like a coward.”
scu_gatewaystem150x175 “Some teenagers my age are not like me for one big and important reason…”
scu_gatewaystem150x175 “…it’s not all ice cream and cake.”
scu_gatewaystem150x175 “They just have to accept me for who I am.”
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