“I guess it's my turn, now.”

When the StoryCorps Mobile Booth visited Durham, North Carolina in 2006, David Wright decided to interview his friend, Eddie Lanier, Jr.

Eddie met David while panhandling on a highway exit ramp. He was homeless and fighting to stay sober. Eddie also had a history that few knew about–he is the son of a former mayor of Chapel Hill.

In 2014, StoryCorps returned to Durham and Eddie and David, who now live together, came back for a second interview. Eddie was suffering from a very advanced stage of emphysema, and didn’t have long to live. At StoryCorps, he spoke about the end of his life.

Hear excerpts of both interviews below. And watch an animated short based on Eddie’s life here.

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StoryCorps collects interviews like this one through the StoryCorps Legacy program–an initiative to record the stories of people living with a serious illness.

Recorded in Durham, North Carolina
Music Info: "Thinking Of You" and "The Everlasting Itch For Things Remote" by Gillicuddy from the album ...Plays Guitar.
Produced by Michael Garofalo
Facilitated by Susan Lee
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