“We saw, on the side of the road, a guy with a prosthetic leg.”

In 2008, 70-year-old “Boston” Bill Hansbury had recently lost his leg to a staph infection and was learning to live with a prosthetic.

Jake Bainter, who was seven at the time, was about to have his own leg amputated when their paths crossed.

Four years after that meeting, Jake and “Boston” Bill recorded a conversation at StoryCorps.

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Recorded in St. Petersburg, Florida

"Boston" Bill Hansbury started a nonprofit that seeks to raise money to buy prosthetic legs for those who cannot afford them on their own.

Special thanks to Tampa Bay Times Staff Writer Jeff Klinkenberg. To read his article about "Boston" Bill and Jake, click here.

Jake's parents also started a nonprofit to support people whose lives have been affected by limb loss.

Produced by Michael Garofalo
Facilitated by Anita Rao
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