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Posted on Monday, May 4th, 2009.

Clarinetist David Asman and accordionist Steve Keen came to the MobileBooth tell a couple of stories and play a little Klezmer music. Music is what brought these former East Coasters to Salt Lake City so it is fitting that they started their recording with a song from their current repertoire as the KlezBros: Ose Shalom!

David Asman

“We started the Klezbros] in 1993.” says David. “Being here in Utah it’s an interesting place to be a Jew. You’re really forced to look at your self in that regard in a secular way, in a religious way. Ashkenazid Judaism is what I’m descended from and when I looked into it a little bit, found out what Klezmer music was, I just fell in love with it and wanted to do something with it. Somebody mentioned to me that you played accordion, and I remember calling you one day and saying ‘Would you like to take it out of the closet?’, so to speak.”

“And I literally did take it out of the closet.” says Steve. “In fact my wife said ‘What’s that thing?’

“She was talking about the accordion, I hope?” asks David.

“She didn’t even know it was there,” says Steve. “For 15 years I think it sat in there. She had no idea it was even in there!”

“And speaking of that, let’s play another tune!”

Stephen Keen


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