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James Meredith

Posted on Sunday, January 28th, 2007.

We noticed several themes that reoccurred in many of our interviews in Jackson, MS. One of these themes was racial segregation and integration. Many participants who came into the booth relayed their personal experiences of the Civil Rights era, whether they were activists or students affected by desegregation. One of the participants was James Meredith, the man who integrated the University of Mississippi (‘Ole Miss). Meredith initiated The March against Fear that started in Memphis, Tennessee, and finished in Jackson, Mississippi, in 1966. This march is also known as “The James Meredith March.” Mr. Meredith is pictured above with his interview partner and fellow ‘Ole Miss graduate, Leannna Range Owens.

Mr. Meredith’s grandaughter, waiting outside the recording booth, listened in.

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  • hello and thank you for a beautiful idea made real.

    where IS james meredith now? sick? well? in the US or out? in MS??

    what’s his politics these days?

    i’d LOVE to sit in his living room/den/deck/front yard/back yard/ and watch the 1st presidential debate in september.

    i, too, grew up in kosciusko MS; no easy place to ANYone “other”


    Comment from The Revd. oonagh Ryan-King on July 11, 2008 at 4:10 pm - Reply to this Comment

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