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How do you roll?

Posted on Wednesday, August 29th, 2007.

Andy Zimmer (right) and Tod Apedaike (left) had never met before their visit to StoryCorps. What was obvious as they settled in at MobileBooth West was that neither of them walks; they roll. Tod has used a wheelchair his whole life and Andy has used his wheelchair since a bike accident two years ago. Across the StoryCorps table from one another, however, they discovered that they have a lot more than wheels in common. They share a passion for extreme sports, a “similar outlook on life,” and desire to be and remain fully independent. “Something like this doesn’t change who you are,” said Andy, and what these two guys are is strong stuff. Skiing, rugby and sledge hockey are some of their favorite pastimes. Andy also works to make local hiking trails accessible to people of all abilities (parents with strollers, visually impaired individuals, anybody and everybody).

A big thank you to the Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University for bringing Tod and Andy together for their interview–and for a tremendous partnership while we were in Logan.

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