Teachers Honor Roll

National Teachers Initiative Honor Roll

All too often teachers remain this nation’s unsung heroes. StoryCorps, through its National Teachers Initiative, will celebrate and honor the courageous work of educators nationwide. By recording, sharing, and preserving their diverse stories, StoryCorps hopes to bring a larger public awareness to the invaluable influence they have on us all.

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Teachers Honor Roll

JoVan Everette honored Ginger Holton
Rebekka Helford honored Herb Weinstein
Sasha Best honored Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Powell
Janet Shing honored Jeff Bryant
Michael Phillips honored Jodi Pushkin
Brian and Judy Glaser honored Joan Glaser
Carol Tucker-Burden honored Ms. Janice Ritchey and Mrs. Andrea Norred
Bernie Feldstein honored Michael Feldstein
Kim Campi honored Gerry Courtney
D.C. Benbow honored Mrs. Elizabeth Hendrickson
Nicole Dummitt honored Jay Serrett and Tim Dummitt
Cynthia Domasky honored Lynnette Kilton-Capello
Lisa Rummler honored Darrick Puffer
Stephanie Porter-Nichols honored Douglas D. Nichols
Gail Pedescleaux-Muckle honored Tish Landers
Anthony Heitzman honored Mrs. Emily Minteer
Kristi Multhaup honored Wendell L. Multhaup and Mae C. Multhaup
Angie Apodaca honored Bobbie Wilhelm
John Fujii honored Mary Beth Kelly and Scott Weston
John Chamberlain honored Sister Mary Brian Bole, SSND
Nancy Baughn honored Sister Josephine Nolan
Hannah Kane honored Rick Nagel
Gretchen Haimes honored Susan Martin
Garth Anderson honored Ms. Sharon Honaker Rab
Cyderia Gates honored Elizabeth Pizar Arthur
Jon Frank and Lynne Rappaport honored Johnathan B. Frank
Dr. Linda Stork honored Pat Baker
Dr. Marta Lopez-Garza honored Dr. John Horton
David Lawrence Razowsky honored Laura Dickinson
Shauna Holmes honored William Sherlock Holmes II
Lois Johnson honored Remelle Johnson
Linda Ayer honored Patricia Chase Allen
Michelle Conrad honored Carol Clark
Lori Tierney honored Carolyn Flanagan
Kathy Megyeri honored Graham Frear
Charlotte Lerchenmuller honored Sal Castro
Erika deVries honored Hannah Bleier
Rachel Pollock honored Rosemarie Millin
Rhonda Kingman honored Sister Rosemary Campi PBVM
Patricia Hatler honored Laurie Hatler
Robert Gottlieb honored Roberta Gottlieb
Judith F. Fernandez honored William J. Fernandez
Linda Engberg honored Sharon Neal
Daniel Davenport honored Dr. Barry Sharpe
Erin Crackel honored Renee Crackel
Morgan Birge II honored Cathron Trepagnier Birge
Grace Miyamoto honored Marie Frago
Stephanie Burr honored Cynthia Freeman
Lisa Barrios honored Jessica Faber and Laurie Law
Miles Maguire honored Kirstin Maguire
Nicole Turon-Diaz honored Maureen Donohue
David L. Dorsett honored Jack Dobelbower
Nancy Faget honored Melissa McGuire
Anna Lifson honored Andy Lifson and Linda Nelson
Nancy Turk honored Joyce Boatright
Susan Webman honored Aaron Webman
Bradley Leon honored Chuck Ballingall
Janice-Shaw Alford honored Mr. Kenneth Brungess
Sandra Reddish honored Mary Dickinson
Trina Amelio honored Greg Amelio
William Walters and Christy Cutler honored Evelyn Laurent
Jane Griffin honored Libby Crow
Dr. Leslie J. Quinn honored Margaret (Peggy) Montgomery
Noah Shanok honored Mr. Shamus Daly
Amie Littman honored James Mullins
Joshua Littman honored Keith Oncle, Elisabeth Levine, and Marc Silver
Katharine Freeman honored Ruth Michaud
Ruth Preminger honored Beth Preminger
Howard Lesnick and Carolyn Schodt honored Alice Lesnick
Adele Davenport honored Dr. Nicholas Hobbs
Yaphet LaKeba Smith honored Robert McArthur
Malcolm T. Murray, Jr. honored Lynn F. Murray
David Quick and Amanda, Brian, and Zachary LeFranc honored Richard Quick
Anonymous honored Laurie Przybylski
Lawrence Levine honored Gale Levine
Michael Liepman honored Norris Sutton, Edith Ensfield, and Wilbur Ensfield
Sharyanne McSwain honored Merritt R. Blakeslee
Sophia Skiles honored Dr. Maureen O’Toole
Nicole Culp honored Donna Norrie
Amanda Plumb honored Charles Payne
Karen Ross & Dr. Margaret Eggers honored Dr. Jack Greer
Ms. Johanna Rayman honored Dr. Kimberly A. McCord
Alfred Gilbert honored Richard Gist
Nancy Shapiro honored Inella Burns
Michael Sullivan honored Laura Lutz
Lori Jackson honored Maiya Jackson
Kennedy Kern honored Arnold Guerrero
Barbara Becker honored Dr. Irene Montella
Nicole Berger honored George Kelly
Anne Lyons honored Tom Kaplan-Maxfield
Zoey Bouchelle honored Ms. Mott
Jill Glaser honored Melissa Dupre
Mike Dougherty honored Jacqui Talton
Christy Gibney honored Richard Rampolla
Cara Charlton honored Noel Lorson
Alyssa Nitchun honored Merle Rose
Abby Lesnick honored Bob Rhoades
Teresa Welsh honored Carly Evans
Natalia Fidelholtz honored Gary Christy
Kate Brown honored Larry Letellier
Stephanie Roth honored Mary Jane Roth
Sophie Simon-Ortiz honored Dana Moran
Elaine Davenport honored Pamela Ervin
Matt Herman honored Ms. Brockhouse
Dana Glass honored David Vaughan
Kate Parvenski honored Carlos Mezger
Virginia Lora honored Douglas Muller
Anna Altman honored Stan Brimberg
Maura & Katie McGowan honored Gerson Horowitz
Sylvie Lubow honored Daniel Feigelson
Miki Tamura honored Toni Baumgartner
Mike Rauch honored Paul Fabozzi
Kathrina Proscia honored Ms. Maureen Fitzgerald
Yazmín M. Peña honored Shannon Curran
Charlotte Okie honored Rebecca Okie
Gaspar Caro honored Ellen Wong
Megan Thiele honored Larry Trout
Kelly Sanabria honored Robert Cohen
Scott McCraw honored Rebecca Krucoff
Michael Garofalo honored Sam Pickering
Tayla Cooper honored Tamar Frank
Christa Orth honored Peggy Pascoe

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