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Hiking the Audobon trail

Posted on Tuesday, June 26th, 2007.

On their day off, facilitators Naomi Greene and Francesca Levy took a morning hike in the trails surrounding the Audobon Society of Rhode Island headquarters. It took a little doing to find their way there, which should have tipped the ladies off that the theme of the day would be "getting lost". The Audobon Society of Rhode Island has a number of different preserves, and a wide variety of flora and fauna for the intrepid explorer to spot. Naomi and Francesca were just hoping to take in some fresh air and green space after days spent in the cozy airstream at Burnside Park. They chose the Powder Mill Ledges Wildlife Refuge for their walk. Audobon Society staff described the trail options and provided a map, and your hearty facilitators were off. They started off following signs for the "blue trail."
At a clearing, Francesca studied the map.

Naomi and Francesca followed what the map described as an "intermittent stream," only to arrive at… power lines and a highway?

Naomi began studying wild berries as alternate food sources in case we didn’t make it out of the woods.

At a gravel road, Naomi considered hitchhiking back to civilization.

In the end, the facilitators made it out in one piece, ready for lunch and a shower, and happy to have gotten a taste of the great outdoors in Rhode Island.

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