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Higher Education for Veterans

Posted on Tuesday, September 10th, 2013.

Members of the military have the opportunity to attend college through the Fordham Veterans Initiative, which provides veterans with tuition and educational options. StoryCorps recently visited the Bronx campus through our Military Voices Initiative to record conversations with veterans who are working toward completing their undergraduate degrees.

Transitioning back into civilian life can be challenging for these service men and women. Many veterans expressed that there is a connection between people who have served that rarely exists outside of the military. FordhamVets provides that community of military support in a civilian environment.

Sudesh (L) and Cody (R)

Sudesh (L) and Cody (R)

Sudesh Banskota and Cody Morgan visited with us to talk about their experiences in the Navy and Marine Corps. Like other veterans who participated, Sudesh and Cody remembered the concerns their families had about their enlistment and the pride they take in their service. Sudesh recalled the best times he had in the Navy bonding with friends and experience returning to shore. Cody said that the happiest moments were seeing military families reunite with one another, and the hardest days were when he lost a friend.

Sudesh shared that the Navy is the reason he is able to go to college. These students see their time of service as an invaluable step toward higher education and life achievements. FordhamVets is a program that values their unique skills and experiences.

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