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Hats on to New Orleans

Posted on Tuesday, June 6th, 2006.

We couldn’t help but notice that there’s something about New Orleans that goes beyond the vibrant stories, jamming music, colorful characters, and delicious food. It’s the hats. Once you start noticing them, they’re everywhere.


Hat, Blue shirt.0

Hat while enjoying fresh air.

Hat, two guys on bench.0

Hat while sitting.

Hat, lampost

Hat while waiting.

Hat, menu

Hat while browsing.


Hat while delivering food to restaurants around Jackson Square. Soul Man can carry boxes, sing, and wear this smile all at the same time..every, single, time we see him.


Hat on facilitator named Brett while talking with the Soul Man near his truck.

Tracy pictures 012

Hat in New Orleans. Model: Facilitator Nelson Simon.

Hats from New Orleans.

Hat, red taro card reader

Fortune telling hat.
CdM Waitresses 6.0
Table waiting hat.

Miss Lollipop and Random lady.0
Dancing hat. Miss Lollipop plays the flute in the incredible Treme Brass Band.


Hat Store. The oldest one in the South.

Hat Shopping.





Hat stocking.

Hat selling.
Treme Brass Band3
Hats off to New Orleans–but only long enough to tip the musicians!

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