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Grassroots Art

Posted on Monday, July 31st, 2006.


Day 2 of our road trip to Garden City, Kansas: We stopped by Lucas (pop. 436) – the Grassroots Art capital of Kansas.

Facilitator Ryan Murdock, pictured above, prepares to enter the Garden of Eden. The house and surrounding sculptures, made of concrete by S.P. Dinsmoor in 1907, began Lucas’ reputation for outsider art.

rebarb.0At the Grassroots Art Center, tour guide Rebecca Windle shows faciltator Elaine Davenport around the Deeble House. The shiny interior of the house is filled with the artwork of Mri Pilar.
poptop car

This car, made entirely out of pull tabs by grassroots artist Herman Divers, is one of many of the pieces made of found or reused materials.

We swapped stories of our travels with Tom Sherman and Judy Sagara of Columbus, Ohio during our tour of the Grassroots Art Center. Tom and Judy were finishing a two month road trip across Alaska and the U.S. and kept a blog of their trip.

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