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Goodbye to City Market

Posted on Saturday, September 23rd, 2006.

market 3

As our stay in Kansas City drew to a close, we wanted to share some images from our lovely site in downtown City Market. Here you can see a wide variety of produce, plants, and people every Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday.


Kansan farmer and market seller John Goode proudly displays his favorite crop: Heirloom tomatoes. John joined us for an interview and joked how he’s been told that he has a “radio face.” He then went on to describe (in his best radio voice) the connection he feels with nature while tending the earth.

marimba crop

The market was always full of enticing smells…and sounds. These marimba players made our booties shake one Saturday afternoon. Luckily, Airstream made the MobileBooth soundproof, so the dancing was checked at the door.


We had many wonderful volunteers who helped us spread the word that we were in town. Here KCUR Program Director Bill Anderson chows down with volunteers at our thank you pizza party.

r,m,k 2

Just before the booth pulled away, we grabbed a picture with Kevin Alexander, our KCUR host. Thanks Kevin and the rest of KCUR for making Kansas City a great stop for the Mobile Tour! We will miss you dearly.

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