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Thank you to all who joined us at the Farewell Event in Grand Central on Wednesday, May 14. It was a touching and heartfelt event and it meant so much to all of us at StoryCorps to see so many of you there.

Read more about the Farewell Event on the StoryCorps blog.

StoryCorps began with the opening of our first StoryBooth in Grand Central Terminal in October 2003. On February 10, 2006, the StoryBooth was dedicated to Danny and Annie Perasa, and on May 17, 2008, we recorded the last interview in Grand Central.
This StoryBooth has seen marriage proposals, birthdays, and family reunions; and has recorded more than 5,000 stories from both New Yorkers and visitors from across the country.

Listen to some of the stories we collected during our time at Grand Central.

Though we are sad to leave our first home, we hope you’ll visit us at our new location at Foley Square in downtown Manhattan.

The Art of Listening

On May 16, 2008, StoryCorps founder Dave Isay talked to Brian Lehrer on WNYC about the closing of the Grand Central StoryBooth.

“An end of an era: the closing of one of the project’s flagship recording booths in Manhattan. Annie Perasa and her husband were one of the first interviews in the booth. Together they share how it’s possible to change lives just by being yourself.”

Listen to Dave Isay on Brian Lehrer on May 16, 2008 talking about the closing of the booth.

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Memories of the Grand Central Terminal StoryBooth

To celebrate our time in Grand Central, we’d love for you to share some of your memories of the StoryBooth with us. When was the first time you saw the booth? Who did you do an interview with? What is your fondest memory from the day of your StoryCorps interview at Grand Central? Use the form below to submit your Grand Central StoryBooth stories and testimonials. We’ll post them here on our website, and on-site at Grand Central for its last few weeks.

“The booth in Grand Central Station has been a physical monument to what StoryCorps has meant to me—a time and place to put aside the everyday details of life for a singular hour, and focus deeply on a conversation with a person one loves, a place of reflection in the midst of the messy business of life, and I’ll always be grateful for it. I can’t wait to make new memories in the newest New York location.”

–Teresa Calloway, StoryCorps Alumna in Asheville, North Carolina

“When my family immigrated to the U.S. in 1949, my father’s first job was at the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station. The station and the restaurant have always been a place of memory for me. So, when my daughter said she had arranged to interview me on StoryCorps, I was, of course, moved by her thoughtfulness. This was during the Christmas season, and a perfect gift. The interview was a profoundly beautiful, intimate experience for all of us. And afterwards we had dinner in the Oyster Bar and saluted the rest of our now extensive family. Thanks Story Corps for your time in Grand Central Station.”

-Tom Tammi, StoryCorps Alumnus in New York, New York

“My family members are great fans of StoryCorps and we will miss seeing the booth that brought our family history to life in that hidden corner in Grand Central Station.

-Deborah E. Schultz, StoryCorps Alumna in Cincinnati, Ohio

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