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Gary Walts and Captain Honk

Posted on Tuesday, July 18th, 2006.


Captain Honk "Damn" Johnson is a found-object sculptor, a fisherman, and a demolition derby driver (ergo the name ‘Honk’). He and his friend, photographer Gary Walts, came to the booth and discussed their artistic processes, their ways of seeing the world, and Kafka, among other things. That’s Gary on the left, and Honk on the right.
Captain Honk presented facilitators Sarah Kramer and Lisa Janicki with signed copies of demolition derby posters from the recent Jefferson County Fair. This made Sarah and Lisa deliriously happy. In the background, that’s Jim Bettinger (Eliza’s dad!), StoryCorps Advance Coordinator Eliza Bettinger (she popped by for a visit), and NCPR Program Director Jackie Sauter.

And this is the poster:

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