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From Soul Saving to Soul Mates

Posted on Friday, March 3rd, 2006.

The couple met on the telephone while he was serving time for rape, robbery and kidnapping. “How did I seem to you?” Clarence asks, sitting across from Yvonne in our Storybooth. “Well your mouth was filthy! Profanity, oh my God!” she recalls. Then, she explains, God showed her there was a purpose to their meeting: She was to save his soul. Clarence pushed her away at first, angry and bitter at having been convicted for crimes he did not commit. During 7 years of letter writing and candid conversations, Clarence and Yvonne gradually fell in love. Shortly after Clarence Harrison was finally exonerated and freed, Yvonne became Mrs. Harrison. On their wedding day, she felt like “Cinderella at a ball”.

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