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Field Recording on the Omaha Indian Reservation

Posted on Friday, June 1st, 2007.

For a field recording, Jenna and Lena took their interview equipment to a Native American reservation. They went for a beautiful ride through Iowa and then back into Nebraska in order to get to Macy, a town on the reservation of the U-Mo’n-Ho’n Nation (also known as Omaha Indians). Even though they arrived on the day that the tribe celebrates Memorial Day, they still managed to facilitate some excellent interviews.

Jenna looks out over this idyllic landscape, one half of which is Iowa and one half Nebraska. Can you guess which side of the river is Iowa and which side is Nebraska? (Hint: Jenna is standing in Nebraska)

Macy and the Omaha reservation are about 80 miles from the city of Omaha.

Lena records an interview between Elder Rufus White and Cultural Center Director Vida Stabler in the Huthuga Lodge at the Macy Public School.

David Farley talked about his extended family, the LaFlesche family, and the leadership role they have played in the Omaha Nation.

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