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Fine Dining at Antoine’s

Posted on Sunday, May 28th, 2006.

Welcome to Antoine’s, one of the French Quarter’s finest dining experiences. Facilitators Brett Myers, Laura Spero, Nelson Simon, and Veronica Ordaz get ready to treat themselves to a world-class dinner.

Facil at Antoines 2
Oysters Rockafeller

We were told we couldn’t leave New Orleans without trying oysters rockafeller.

Richard at Antoines

Richard is a career waiter at Antoine’s, and here he is carrying baked Alaska. We weren’t sure what baked Alaska was until we saw it, but when we asked Richard if it is traditionally flambéd, he said no. We were disappointed, so he went ahead and lit it on fire for us. Now that’s top notch service.

hungry for baked alaska
How many civilized facilitators does it take to finish a baked alaska?

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