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Farewell to Providence

Posted on Saturday, June 30th, 2007.

On Saturday, we said goodbye to Providence and all of the great stories we heard there. Our last day of interviews was a full one. In addition to being visited by a local Congressman and his mother, and a State Representative and friend, we bid farewell to the city with some other great Rhode Island stories, like these:

Husband and wife, Doug(R) and Patty(L), came into the booth to talk about their
relationship. After getting married right out of college, their
adventures began during their honeymoon in France. When Patty fell ill,
they had to change their travel plans, but their luggage arrived in the
States before they did. However, they were able to rescue it before the
airport personnel were set to destroy all abandoned luggage. After 10
years of marriage, Doug and Patty discovered they were going to have a
baby. Due to the difficulties of her birth, Doug believes that he and
Patty had a guardian angel looking over their shoulder the day their
daughter was born.

Lillian (middle) brought her mother Iris (R) and friend, Janet (L), to the StoryCorps booth to have one of their classic conversations. The women told of a fool-proof
way to tell whether a couple is really in love: look at the way they eat.
If a couple sit across from one another and watches their significant
other chew, they made not stay together for long. However, if they sit
next to each other, they really love each other and have a good chance of
staying together.

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