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Family Legacy

Posted on Thursday, February 28th, 2008.

Sandra Hill Spruill (L) and her daugher, Molly Spruill (R), drove 250 miles last weekend – from Atlanta, Georgia to Nashville, Tennessee – to participate in a StoryCorps interview at the Nashville StoryBooth.

Sandra Hill Spruill and Molly Spruill

In their interview, Molly asked her mother to recall Molly’s maternal grandmother and great-grandmother, and to list the qualities of each that Sandra perceives in her own children today. This question sparked a thoughtful, intimate conversation between mother and daughter regarding family and the inevitable inheritance of our loved ones’ struggles as well as their strengths.

“This was such a great idea that you wanted to do this,” Sandra told Molly near the end of the interview. “We should do it again. . . . Next time I’ll interview you.”

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