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Everybody Dance

Posted on Tuesday, September 7th, 2010.

Two Urban Bush Women Jana La Sorte and Pia Murray visited the booth this past month and spoke about their early inspirations as dancers and the philosophies that compel their work. Urban Bush Women is a dance company that seeks to bring the untold and under-told histories and stories of disenfranchised people to light through dance.

“Here in New York people seem to be afraid to unlock themselves. You can see it in people. People outside of dance, don’t seem to understand how simple it is. If you move your body it moves the rest of you”, says La Sorte.

“For myself as a dancer and a mover, I strongly believe if you can walk you can dance. I think that we all have natural and innate rhythm within us. But because we have this world of “being a dancer” for most people who are not in that world, they think that dance is completely inaccessible to them, that it’s something they can only watch from afar and not participate in. I think that dancing and being comfortable really unlocks something inside of you. I’m constantly moving and I’m comfortable doing that” says Murray.

La Sorte sees the body as a race car. “That’s my hope with Being Bushified our monthly series, bring in people who think I can’t dance, or I’m heavy so I can’t move, or I have diabetes, and make them understand that absolutely you can move. First of all you moved to get here. If you start thinking of your body as a race car, as your vehicle to move through life then you’ ll want to start to change the fuel you put in it. You’ll want to move it more. Urban Bush Women validates the individual, which gets to the idea stop judging yourself, stop judging whether you can dance and stop judging what’s good dance just show us you. That’s some of our power as Urban Bush Women, whether we’re on stage or not, we’re bold we’re able to put ourselves out there. So many people are hiding in their bodies and they can’t show who they are.”

So the challenge seems clear to all who think their feet might fail them, doesn’t matter whether you can pop, lock, electric slide, two-step, break, hustle, smurf, do running man or the funky chicken, Murray and La Sorte believe if you can walk you can dance. So….Everybody Dance!

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