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Dia de Portugal 2007

Posted on Monday, June 11th, 2007.

Sunday June 10th marked the 30th Anniversary of the Day of Portugal Parade and festival in Providence, RI. Scott MacKay, of The Providence Journal, writes: “Rhode Island has been a destination for Portuguese immigrants since the 17th century. While Portuguese Rhode Islanders are proud of their contributions to the state and of assimilation as Americans, the links to the old country are still strong for many of the roughly 100,000 state citizens who listed Portuguese as their ethnicity in the 2000 U.S. Census.” (Read the entire article here).

The parade started just as we stepped out of the booth for lunch, and wound around two blocks before participants congregated in an ice skating rink attached to Burnside Park.

Here, an unidentified civilian looks on.

The festivital included a mini-pageant, with young women and girls from various Portuguese clubs wafting through the crowd. Pictured above is Miss Cranston, from the Cranston Portuguese Club.

Pictured here, other members of the Portuguese community parade with fervor.

After dancing through the streets, members of an elite dance troupe take a break and watch as the festival unfolds.

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