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Desegregation separation

Posted on Monday, October 16th, 2006.

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In September of 1957, MinniJean Brown, left, walked into Central High School amidst much public scrutiny and vocal harassment as one of the Little Rock Nine. In October of 2006, MinniJean visited the booth with her sister, Phylis, to talk about how MinniJean’s expulsion from Central High broke up the family. After allegedly dumping a bowl of chili on a white student’s for harassing her, MinniJean was sent to New York to attend a new high school. Phylis explained in the interview how the desegregation process, although integrating the schools, separated her from her sister. While MinniJean was in New York, Phylis was left alone dancing to the records that she used to dance to with her beloved sister.

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Earlier that week, facilitators Ryan Murdock and Mitra Bonshahi visited Central High to soak in the atmoshphere of such a pivotal place in history. Ryan and Mitra decided to make the excursion after hearing about the desegregation process in Little Rock. What a surprise and honor it was for them to have MinniJean in the booth a couple days later.

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