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Deja Vu

Posted on Monday, August 14th, 2006.


No, you’re not seeing double, participant Consuelo Sandoval came to the StoryCorps MobileBooth twice to participate in four different interviews. On Saturday, she interviewed her friends Janie Perkins (top, left), former mayor of Garden City, and Carol Taylor (top right), a lifelong Garden City resident who helps organize and host "Back to the Garden", a reunion weekend for African-Americans who grew up in Garden City.

She also came in with Penney Schwab on Thursday, who interviewed Consuelo about her family’s immigration to the United States and their struggle to obtain citizenship. Then Consuelo interviewed Penney about United Methodist Mexican American Ministries, a social service agency that has been serving communities of need in Garden City since 1974. Penney has been the Executive Director for over 20 years and Consuelo currently works there as a Community Developer.

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