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Dance Partners

Posted on Sunday, January 31st, 2010.

The first dance is an important part of many weddings which traditionally involves the two newlyweds. In the cases of two separate sets of participants who visited the MobileBooth in Jacksonville, Florida, however, that tradition was adjusted ever so slightly.

Tricia Jones and Gen Fields

Tricia Jones came to the MobileBooth with her mother Gen Fields and talked about some of her favorite memories. “I will always remember us dancing because I can’t dance with anybody else the way I can dance with you,” said Tricia. “It was really special for me to get to, unscripted, unplanned, get to dance with you at my wedding party. It was a big party, but you know, it was awesome to have the opportunity to dance with you and get you to show your stuff and twirl me around the floor and make me look damn good!”

“You’re very good,” said Gen.

“Only because of you,” said Tricia.

Jeanna Houston and Connor Barnas

Jeanna Houston came to the MobileBooth with her sister Connor Barnas to commemorate what Connor calls “the most stellar, fabulous, profound sister-sibling relationship that exists on the planet.”

Jeanna recalled her own wedding. “At [my] wedding we had the first dance together instead of husband and wife. It was the two of us and we danced to Steely Dan’s Babylon Sisters. It was special.”

“One of the things we’ve always said is that we’ve traveled through many lives together,” says Connor. “This is our karmic payoff. That we get a perfect relationship: one that is based so much in love and friendship and respect.”

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