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Chiles, Chiles, Everywhere

Posted on Friday, September 21st, 2007.

September is chile season here in New Mexico, the nation’s chile capitol. Facilitators Rachel Falcone and Hilary Marshall have been enjoying the smell of roasting green chiles since their first day in Las Cruces. MobileBooth West is parked just steps away from Wal-Mart’s giant chile roasters (pictured below), and folks come by every day to take advantage of the chile roasting services (free with purchase!).

New Mexicans buy the big, beautiful, locally-grown green chiles by the box full.

After roasting over gas flames, the chiles are slightly blackened, steaming hot, and wonderfully aromatic. They’re also ready to eat or freeze. Chile season doesn’t last long, but chiles are a staple of the New Mexican diet, so most families freeze enough to last them the rest of the year.

We’ve come to adore the smell of roasting chiles and to expect chiles in just about everything, from the commonly served green enchiladas to the rarer-but-just-as-delicious green chile pecan brittle. There’s even chile-infused liquors to be had if you wander into the right watering hole.

We salute you, green chile, in all your versatile glory.

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