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Born and Raised in Georgia

Posted on Sunday, March 5th, 2006.

CECILE: I’m John Cecile Daniels. I go by Cecile. I’m 75 years of age and today’s date is March the 5th 2006. We’re in Atlanta. We’ll be talking with my wife of 53 years, on our life basically.

ELSIE: My name is Elsie Todd Daniels. I’m 73. I’ll soon be 74.

CECILE: Elsie, of course we’ve been married 53 years. We know each other quite well but for this, I’d like for you to go into somewhat detail of circumstances around your birth.

ELSIE: I was born on a beautiful spring day in April. Apple trees blooming in the little valley, a very isolated valley in the North Georgia Mountains…Beautiful stream… Catch fish… All that there. I was the 4th child. My mother had 6 children in 8 years. The log cabin had no electricity. We had no car. We had a family truck that we used on the farm quite a bit, but we did a lot of walking.

CECILE: I was born on the other end of the state, the southern end of the state. Actually, it was a border county to Florida. You was in a border county to North Carolina. I was born at a time which was not unusual in those days. You were in a remote area, no town.

ELSIE: for 25 miles.

CECILE: and I lived on the edge of a small town in South Georgia.

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