All week long, leading up to Mother’s Day, we will be sharing stories from inspiring Moms across the country and generations, from our archive.
We love it when we see you share a story with a friend by tagging them in the comments. This week, we invite you to share a story with your mom, to say #thanksmom.

Enjoy this collection of funny, heartfelt, sensational stories with your mom!

1. Icing on the Cake
In StoryCorps’ animation “Icing on the Cake,” Blanca Alvarez, tells her daughter she wishes she could have spent more time with her. But her daughter Connie reveals, her mother was her biggest inspiration. Watch here:

2.Barbra Moore & Olivia Fite
Olivia talks with her strong mother, Barbara Moore, who was a bricklayer in #Baltimore for more than 40 years. She remembers telling boys bullying on her, “You better watch out my mom is a bricklayer and she’ll come beat you up if you mess with me.” #thanksmom

3. “That was one of the most important moments in my life, I was 10 feet tall.”
Mom Mary, recalls the overwhelming pride of watching her son graduate with a doctorate. William reveals his mother was his greatest influence. In a post script, William and his sister Valerie return to StoryCorps, to remember their mother.

4. “I told everybody and anybody who would listen to me, that I had a gay son, and that I was very proud.”
90-year-old Rita recalls a conversation with her son, Jay, back in the 1980s, when he first came out. Listen to her remember bursting with pride during her son’s wedding. #thanksmom

5. Me & You
In one of StoryCorps’ most iconic animated shorts, Jackie Miller and her son Scott thought they knew everything about each other until a conversation they recorded at at StoryCorps revealed surprises from both of them. Watch “Me and You” to celebrate Mother’s Day.

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