2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act, promoting civil rights for Americans living with mental and physical conditions. In honor of the anniversary and in celebration of the powerful and varied experiences of people across America, StoryCorps recommends these Animated Shorts and Audio selections from our archive.


Josh & Sarah



Young Josh, who has Asperger’s syndrome, came to StoryCorps with his mother, Sarah Littman and sat down for a one of a kind conversation. Josh questions his mom on an array of topics, from motherhood and parenting to her feelings about cockroaches.

>> Watch Q&A, the StoryCorps classic Animated Short here.



Gweneviere & Yasir


After surgery to remove a brain tumor, Gweneviere Mann lost her short-term memory. She was faced with many new obstacles, but she wasn’t alone. Her boyfriend, Yasir Salem was there with support and help to tackle all the new challenges thrown her way.

>> Watch Marking the Distance, this inspirational animation here.



Bonnie & Myra



Bonnie Brown was born with an intellectual disability, she has a low IQ. At StoryCorps, she talked with her then-teenage daughter, Myra. Her daughter ensures her mom, “Even though our situation is unique, I’m happy that I’m in it, because I’m happy that I’m with you.” Myra attends gifted and talented classes in her high school, she hopes to attend Cambridge University when she graduates.

>> Listen to more of this heartfelt interview right here.





Meaghan & Colleen




“This was a man who I could stand with and love. He was a man among men. Your dad was a giant.”

Max Starkloff was in a near-fatal car accident that left him quadriplegic. Max was living in a nursing home when he came across a woman working there, Colleen. After two years of dating, Colleen and Max got married. In partnership with the Disability Visibility Project, their daughter, Meaghan and Colleen came to StoryCorps to remember Max.

>> Listen to their interview here.



Leo, Nick, Steven & Ollie



“I didn’t know there were other blind people except me and my brothers.”

Triplets, Leo, Nick and Steven Angel have been blind since birth. Their mother had a difficult time raising them alone, rarely would they go outside. After meeting, Ollie Cantos, another blind man from the community, their lives changed. Ollie is in the process of formally adopting the brothers.

>> Listen to their conversation here.






Keith & Tim Harris



“I wanted to own a restaurant ever since I was a kid.”

In 2010, Tim’s Place first opened their doors, this small family style restaurant in Albuquerque is known as “the world’s friendliest restaurant.” Tim Harris who lives with Down Syndrome, helped start this business with his father, Keith. At StoryCorps, they talked about life’s challenges and Tim’s role in the restaurant.

>> Listen to their interview right here.





Jenny & Sean



“You gave up your life to give me a life.”

Sean Carter was a college student in Texas when he got into a car with a friend who had been drinking. They got into a serious car accident and Sean sustained a tramatic brain injury in the crash. Sean is now able to communicate with the aid of a computer, he is unable to walk and his mother, Jenny has become his full time caretaker. At StoryCorps, Sean let his mom know he loves her to the moon and back.

>> Listen to their conversation here.




Patrick & Michelle Kreifels


“What made you decide you were going to be gay?”

Michelle Kreifels was born with an intellectual disability. She grew up on a farm in rural Nebraska with six other siblings, who all treated her the same. Michelle was a little closer to her brother, Patrick. They felt their differences brought them closer together.

>> Listen to their conversation here .



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