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Austin, TX

Posted on Monday, October 15th, 2007.

Austin lies about three hours south of Fort Worth, smack in the center of the state of Texas. The city is known for it’s booming music scene and off-beat shops and restaurants. It’s also the Texas State Capitol, despite it’s oddly un-Texas feel. We took a little road trip to Austin to do some exploring.

One of the city’s natural gemsóBarton Springs Pool in Zilker Parkógave us a chance to cool off after a long drive before checking out Austin’s urban offerings.

At the heart of the city’s downtown, Facilitator Hilary Marshall took in some decidedly UN-natural sights at "The Museum of the Weird" on 6th Street (too creepy for co-facilitator Rachel Falcone). One of the last remaining Dime/Sideshow Museums, it’s home to many unexplained (aka. fake) phenomena and curiosities, of which this two headed chicken (below) is a classic example.

We also made our monetary contributions to the Austin economy. Unique vintage and antique shops abound in Austin, making it feel more like home for us (Chicago/Brooklyn) than anywhere we’d been in a long while. But Texas staples are never far–Austinites can still saddle you up with a good pair of cowboy boots.

As the self-proclaimed Live Music Capitol of the World, Austin’s many venues offer live music every night of the week. We ended our day at the top-floor Gallery of the Continental Club in Austin’s SoCo neighborhood, where we caught the sweet sound of Ephraim Owens blowing his horn.

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  • I moved from NYC several years ago and never thought I could adjust to being out of New York. I couldn’t think of a better place to have moved than Austin Tx.
    It has everything for everyone and at half the price.
    There is downtown Austin if you like dining out, Barton Springs and Zilker Park for an afternoon of cooling off with the kids and South Congress for shopping when family comes to town.
    It’s great.
    Come on Down!!

    Comment from Patrick B on June 22, 2009 at 5:06 pm - Reply to this Comment

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