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Around the Office: The Interns of StoryCorps!

Posted on Thursday, March 27th, 2014.

Upon entering the hallowed halls of our dear StoryCorps offices (located in Fort Greene, Brooklyn) you will notice a lot of things going on. You’ll notice an array of audio cds, audio equipment, and even an assortment of StoryCorps orange decoratively placed here and there. However, what you probably will notice the most is the people–our dedicated staff whose passion to ensure that every voice matters and every story is heard.

Among this wonderful, hectic StoryCorps family of ours are the brave interns who embrace this unique lifestyle for months as part of the internship program. Our interns are rockstars–the most dedicated kind and on behalf of the entire staff, we are intern-ally grateful (see what we did there?).

We stopped by a few of their desks this week and asked them more about their time at StoryCorps. Here’s what they had to say:



“My favorite thing about StoryCorps’ internship program has been the opportunity to integrate my passion for creative expression and social justice into practice in support of StoryCorpsU. I have learned more about the challenges and rewards of implementing an experiential youth development curriculum within the context of mainstream pedagogy that focuses on standardized measures of educational outcomes. It was inspiring to be surrounded by a community of people in the office every day that is so sincerely driven towards making the impact they believe in.”

–Kelly Adams, Education




“I really have enjoyed the professional development sessions that StoryCorps offers as well as the opportunity to meet and hear stories from our StoryCorpsU students.”

–Mirielle Clifford, Education




“What I was happiest to find at StoryCorps is the degree to which people as individuals are the focus of what we do. It seems so basic, but I’ve learned that when everyone communicates as genuinely as they can, with respect and playfulness, ideas spread and come to fruition so much more easily.”

–Devon Olson, Recording & Archive


“I’ve learned that the story is powerful. It’s incredible what people are willing to share about their lives when given the opportunity.”

–Marion Rice, StoryCorps Legacy


“As the Community Engagement intern, I’ve been helping with both the Military Voices Initiative (MVI) and the soon-to-be launched OutLoud initiative. In the past, I didn’t know much about the issues facing either community, but by listening to participant interviews and conducting further research, this internship has allowed me to gain some valuable insight into each community.”

–Cherie Buenaflor, Community Engagement (CE)

Thanks to Cherie, Devon, Kelly, Marion, and Mirielle for talking to us as well as the entire Intern Team!

Our Brooklyn Intern Staff for Winter/Spring 2014! We also have two amazing interns for our StoryBooth locations in Atlanta and San Francisco not pictured.

Our Brooklyn Intern Staff for Winter/Spring 2014! We also have two amazing interns for our StoryBooth locations in Atlanta and San Francisco not pictured.

If you are interested in being a part of the StoryCorps Internship Program, you are in luck! We are currently accepting applications for our Summer/Fall 2014 Session. CLICK HERE for more information.

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