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An artful interview

Posted on Wednesday, August 9th, 2006.


Duane West (pictured above right) brought in his
friend, artist Jack Kempton (above left), who recently
turned 98. Duane says Jack is the most
creative person in Garden City.

Jack’s creativity also comes through in his sense of
humor (see above) – that S.O.B. on his hat stands for
“Sweet Old Buzzard,” and it was given to him by one
of his former art students. And his button reads
“Damn Near Blind”.

duane and art 1.0

Duane is a former mayor of Garden City and was lead prosecutor in the Clutter murder case made famous by Truman Capote’s “In Cold Blood”. He invited us to his house for a delicious lunch made by his wife Orvileta. He then showed off some of his own artwork (pictured left).

jack kempton painting.0

We also got to see some of Jack’s artwork. This piece (pictured right) was hanging in Duane’s kitchen. Jack formed the flowers by blowing on the paint through a straw.

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