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Adventures in Storytelling: The SF Reboot

Posted on Tuesday, February 25th, 2014.

StoryCorps in San Francisco re-launched last week and we have the whole story in pictures…

StoryCorps in San Francisco made the big move last week to a brand new location at the San Francisco Public Library, sponsored by Airbnb. We captured all the moments from our trip–opening a new chapter recording even more vibrant stories of the Bay Area.

Staff from our Brooklyn headquarters hopped on a cross-country flight to prepare for the launch.


Our partners, Airbnb, graciously provided some of their finest San Francisco lodging for our Brooklyn crew. What a warm welcome! (Literally–the New Yorkers had almost forgotten what sunshine felt like).


One of our Brooklyn staff members enjoys the view from Airbnb’s San Francisco lodging.

The Brooklynites said they learned a lot from their travels. Here are some vital tips they shared with us:


StoryCorps enjoying mariachi music & tasty eats.

–In a pinch, a screwdriver can be used as a corkscrew for all your wine-opening needs.


–The equivalent of one coffee filter can be replicated with precisely five kleenex or one paper towel.


–When in doubt, locate your nearest taqueria. Delicious chorizo nachos and mariachi music will get you through any busy travel schedule.


And, of course, the number one travel tip: secure yourself some amazing Airbnb hosts during your stay. Big thanks to our hosts Alyssa, Nina, and Amanda!


After everyone had finally settled, it was time to celebrate. Thursday, February 20th, we co-hosted a launch party at Airbnb’s headquarters. The night was a big hit with awesome people and great stories.

A huge thanks to the Events Studio for helping us throw such a great party!

Before anybody knew it, Friday morning was upon us. Press, San Francisco partners, and community members attended the official ribbon cutting ceremony of our StoryBooth at its beautiful new location–the San Francisco Public Library.

Our brand new chapter in San Francisco wouldn’t be possible without SFPL, Airbnb, KQED, KALW, and the BayTree Fund. This is definitely the beginning of a beautiful friendship!


From left to right: Karen Strauss (Chief of Main Library for The San Francisco Public Library), Dave Isay (StoryCorps Founder), Joe Gebbia (Airbnb Co-founder), Matt Martin (General Manager KALW), Robin Sparkman (StoryCorps CEO), Michael Isip (VP of Television KQED).

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