Frequently Asked Questions

About StoryCorps

What is StoryCorps

Where does StoryCorps get its funding?

How is StoryCorps affiliated with NPR?

If I donate to NPR or my local radio station, does my donation also go to StoryCorps?

About the National Day of Listening

What is the National Day of Listening?

Participating in StoryCorps

How can I record my story?

Can I record more than one interview?

Does it cost anything to participate?

How do I make a reservation?

Reservations Information

How do I make a reservation?

Is there a wait list?

Does StoryCorps accept walk-in appointments?

How do I change or cancel my reservation?

When I register for an appointment, why does StoryCorps ask for my credit card information?

What to Expect in the Interview

What should I bring? What should I do to prepare?

How early should I arrive?

Can I come alone?

How many people can I bring to my interview?

Can I read something during my recording?

Can I bring my child/grandchild?

Can interviews be conducted in any language?

About StoryCorps Recordings

Where are the interviews stored?

Is my interview available online?

Does StoryCorps provide a transcript of my interview?

Can I order extra copies of my interview?

What if I don’t want my interview archived?

Can I submit my own recordings to StoryCorps’ archive?

StoryCorps Broadcasts, Books & Animations

Where do the stories on NPR and your website come from?

How does StoryCorps select interviews for broadcast?

Does StoryCorps sell a CD version of the radio broadcasts?

Does StoryCorps have a podcast?

What is the music that plays before StoryCorps broadcasts on Morning Edition?

Can I download the broadcasts?

Does StoryCorps have any books?

I recently viewed a StoryCorps animated short online. Is StoryCorps planning on releasing any more animated shorts?

Does StoryCorps accept submissions for its animated shorts series?

StoryCorps and Your Community

How can I bring StoryCorps to my community?

How can my organization partner with StoryCorps?

How can I bring StoryCorps into the classroom?

Continue the Conversation

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe from your weekly e-newsletter?

How can I be removed from StoryCorps’ mailing list?

How do I update my contact information?

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